Hey there!

I’m Meaghan but feel free to call me Meg.

I work with creatives running the gamut from former fine art students who never worked a “normal” job to those who left a “perfect” career in corporate to pursue a crazy idea. (P.S. Around here we love crazy ideas and bucking the status quo.)

And I am crazy proud of the work each and every one of my clients creates.

Handing over a part of your own business can be scary. Especially when it’s the first time adding someone to your team.

Which is why when I take on a project it’s with as much enthusiasm and care as if it were my own.

As someone who has always worked with small businesses, I value being hands-on and personal. My goal isn’t to cram my week with as many client projects as possible.

I care about capturing the heart of each client’s idea and infusing it into every piece we work on together. Because that passion is the first critical step in creating strategic content that wins every time.

I care about strategically getting your brilliant business in front of more people who will fall in love with it on the spot.

I first became a virtual assistant after working several years as an in-house studio manager and was instantly smitten.

Throughout the past four years, the type of work I’ve done for clients has shifted from scheduling and maintaining to creating and strategizing.

So this year, I’m making a very exciting pivot to focus primarily on writing and creating content. As much as I love nerding out over business software and setting up campaigns I love getting elbow deep into a big project even more.

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If you want to work with someone who is..

as passionate about supporting your business as you are about running it, contact me today to find out what working together can look like.


More About Meg

Aries | Ravenclaw | Secret Weapon

A true multipotentialite I’ve done everything from teaching aerial silks to attend cosmetology school. My bucket list includes become a certified yoga teacher, learn to code from scratch, and read War and Peace cover to cover.

I’ve been writing for my personal blog, Invoking Joy, since 2012 when I received my certification as a Holistic Health Coach. 2012 also marks the beginning of my obsession learning all things entrepreneurship and marketing.

New notebooks and colorful pens make my heart super happy. When I’m not nerding out over online business or the link between nutrition and psychology you can find me practicing yoga, reading a (super cheesy) romance novel or scribbling away in my notebook.