About Meaghan Gallant

Meaghan Gallant, Copywriter and digital marketer

I’m Meaghan but feel free to call me Meg.

I work with creatives, running the gamut from successful artists who have never worked a traditional job to those who left a “perfect” career in corporate to pursue a “crazy” idea. (P.S. around here we love crazy ideas and bucking the status quo.)

Entrepreneurship ain’t easy. Believe me, I know. I also know you forged your own path for a reason, for a PURPOSE. To support your community, dance to your own beat and create content that matters — benefits packages and social norms be damned.

You’re in business because you believe the people you serve shouldn’t be on their journey alone. And neither should you.

Living the #bosslife is incredible, you thrive in it, but let’s be honest, it requires wearing many hats. While they are admittedly fabulous they can quickly become overwhelming all stacked up Caps for Sale style. It becomes a juggling act that requires either painfully slow, calculated steps or a constant, tiring foot shuffle to keep everything carefully balanced. /endmetaphor

That’s where I come in. This writing and marketing stuff? I’m obsessed with it. And have been ever since I first graduated as a certified holistic health coach from the Institue for Integrative Nutrition way back in 2012.

“Health coach, huh?” Let me explain…

As I kept trying to muster up the motivation, discipline, and passion to get my health coaching biz off the ground I was soaking up every inch of information I could on what makes great writing, great marketing, and a great business.

When I wasn’t obsessively learning, I was taking on virtual assistant, web design, and copywriting clients, not to mention all of the biz friends I helped along the way because I couldn’t shut up or stop thinking about this stuff.

Fast forward to the last months of 2018. After years of straddling the health coaching and freelancing worlds, it felt like I finally looked up to realize the universe had been  bashing me over the head this whole time (with one of those squeaky blow-up hammers you win at country fairs), screaming “THIS IS YOUR THING.”

“Ohhh” ← Me.


So this? This is my thing. The thing I love learning, talking, sharing, practicing, writing, and doing. The thing I think about in the car, the shower, and those last few minutes before I close my eyes at night. It’s the glitter in my veins, the spring in my step.

I love helping other business owners so. dang. much. In fact, five years in and I can’t stop doing it.

So if you want to work with someone as passionate about helping you build your business as you are about running it. I’m your girl.

Fact: 58% of my clients have chosen to continue working with me for over 6 months, some for years. I don’t know about you but to me, that says, statistically, they are some very satisfied clients. A few have even put that statistical satisfaction into words. Past clients have called me sparkly, quirky, and an ally.✨💃💪 I’ll take it!

So don’t be shy! Get in touch to find out what working together can look like. You can browse the menu and find my contact deets here.

You want to know more about me? Okay, okay…

I live in Central Mass. with my boyfriend and two rabbits, Munch and Michelle. Dark chocolate, dark roast coffee, and red wine make me happy. When I’m not completely consumed by the internet you can find me playing Animal Crossing, reading (super cheesy) romance novels or squealing over other people’s dogs.

A true multipotentialite, I’ve done everything from teaching aerial silks to attend cosmetology school. My bucket list includes building a personal library of picture books, learn to code from scratch, and (finally) read War and Peace cover to cover.

Fan of Personality Quizzes? Me Too

I’m an Aries with a Pisces moon and Capricorn rising. I’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw, Cerries Mooney’s archetype quiz pinned me as Jester/Revolutionary, and Sally Hogshead would say I fascinate by being a Rockstar. I once took a Buzzfeed quiz that told me if I were a dog I would be a dachshund. I like to believe that’s 100% accurate.