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Be-er vs Do-er

💡: Courage and Clarity Podcast Episode #183 w/ Jessica Elay

From the podcast page on Steph’s site:

“Are you a “Be”-er or a “Do”-er?
Do you have to see yourself in a different light in order to take different actions in your business?
Or do you have to take action and see results first in order to become more confident in your path?”

I am 110% a Be-er. Through and through. Listening through the podcast I had to hit rewind several times to wrap my head around what I was hearing. It was a lightning-strike of a lightbulb moment (which admittedly has been happening quite often these days).

The reason so many programs, coaches, courses, books, TED talks make me feel like absolute garbage instead of inspired is because they are created by Do-ers. By people who have built a career, a body of work on sprinting from one completion to the next because those checkboxes help them to define who they are as a person.

“Just do it” has never resonated with me… and that’s because I am a Be-er. I need to personally identify as the type of person that does the work before I do the work. And when that identity aligns with the project or goal? Magic happens. Sparks fly. I do my best work and I do it almost effortlessly.

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