Digital garden. Scanner daybook. Bullet Journal. Working notes. Commonplace.

Call it what you will, this space fits many titles. But like most things in life it doesn’t quite fit into any one “box” neatly.

What it is: A compilation of thoughts, essays, notes, and resources. A place to think and work publicly, pay homage to the value of ideas, and pour out the constant slurry of information in my head. A flexible, fluid container. A constant work in progress. And just an overall fun true-to-me space; my personal online playground, if you will.

What it isn’t: A capital B Blog. A catalog of final or absolute opinions, a platform to position myself as an expert/guru/thought leader. A curated, Always-On-Brand content library. A referenceable resource for legitimate research purposes.

Have fun. Get curious. And (hopefully) be inspired.


Working Notes