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Behind the Scenes in Biz

  • Develop (and implement!) a content marketing strategy for myself
  • Create and practice keeping routine work hours with time-blocking
  • Create and upload an updated portfolio
  • Continue pivot and rebrand of – 03/2021

My 2021 Goals + Intentions

Word of the year: Delight

Learning in public:
Sharing the process + lessons learned via social media, the blog, and… maybe a newsletter? TBD

100 conversations [002/100]
Chatting with others genuinely brings me so much joy and energy. And to think I spent most of my life thinking I was an introvert! I’ve seen the most growth and felt the happiest in my business when I was regularly connecting with others. Setting a goal of 100 conversations for 2021 is my way to intentionally bring about more of that energy and excitement.

Read twelve books [06/12]
Inspired by Booktube, I’m challenging myself to pick up a wider variety of books in 2021. And so I’m setting some genre goals. By the end of the year, I want to have read a mystery, biography, poetry collection, memoir, sci-fi novel, classic, young adult, political nonfiction, science nonfiction, book published this year, and to reread an old favorite.
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Complete 3 crochet projects [00/03]
The number of WIPs I have is… borderline shameful. I want to complete at least three of them; ideally the ones that I promised to make for someone else.
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