Fake it till you make it just makes ‘it’ fake

Done-for-you captions, glossy stock photos, and do-it-all software are the entrepreneurial equivalent of a chick flick makeover scene. Sure, you now look and sound like the popular girls; but you’ve stripped away everything that makes you… you.

With each passing day it becomes more of a chore to put on this curated persona for social media until one day – you don’t. And just like that your effort to consistently show up, once again, comes to a sharp, grinding halt.

The key to consistently creating and sharing content can’t be found in another course, by mimicking a celebrity entrepreneur, or through having it all done for you.

This is about you finding your voice.

This is about getting brazenly visible and embracing the magic of your own story. Because you first set out on this entrepreneurial path in order to dance to your own beat and create things that matter.