Brand Messaging & Website Copywriting for Small Business

Clarity Compass

Strategy session to clarify and refine your brand messaging so you can get started writing fearlessly. You’ll receive a custom brand guidebook: a “compass” where true north always points to who you work with, how you do it, and what makes you so damn brilliant at it.

Pricing: $400

Loud and Clear

A copywriting service that ties in strategy and design for you to reclaim clarity and confidence in your business. Together we map out a clear customer journey, refine your message, and package it all up with clean, cohesive design.

Pricing: $1600

A 60-minute discovery call, this is our chance to get to know one another and feel out if we could be a great fit. We’ll talk all things biz, from your starry-eyed goals to your omg-this-should’ve-been-done-months-ago project needs.

After our call, if we’ve decided that we’d like to work together, I’ll send over a proposal outlining the project options we discussed during our chat.

We’ll kick start our work together with a Clarity Compass brand intensive. One part “brand dump” and one part brand therapy, we’ll dig in deep on where you feel stuck, messy, and unsure so that by the end you’ll walk away feeling clear headed and sorted.

I’ll pull everything we covered (and uncovered!) into your very own Clarity Compass, a customized brand guide designed to be a touchstone you can turn to again and again.

Okay, maybe not actual magic but for me it certainly feels that way! This is where we get to jump in and get to work. Depending on your project this could look like a day of us hunkered down together editing and fine-tuning or several weeks spent crafting compelling, true-to-you website copy.

No matter your project type, you’ll receive an outline of the project plan well before we get started so you know exactly what to expect each step of the way. 

The great unveiling, the final hurrah! You’ll receive the final product of our work together and do a little victory dance as you draw a big, fat check-mark under the ‘Done’ column of your planner.

Let’s meet and get a feel for what working together could be like. Booking a free discovery call is a chance for us to have a friendly chat about all things you, your business, and project details. We’ll go over how I can help in a way that matches both your project goals and your budget. No pitch, no pressure. Seriously.